Cardboard Envelopes Producer in Bulgaria

Cardboard Envelopes Producer in Bulgaria

Polycart LLC is a cardboard envelopes producer in southeastern Europe. We design and manufacture a wide range of cardboard and paper postal packaging and office stationery, with a rich inventory of stationery and postal packaging available in stock for you to choose from and order. If none of the products we offer meets your expectations, or you want company-branded office supplies and postal packaging, we can make custom ones to your exact needs.

Cardboard Envelopes

Cardboard envelopes. also known as rigid mailers, are a much more durable alternative to plain paper envelopes that are made for shipping items and documents safely. Usually, they lack any special effects of overly complicated print in order to keep the final cost low. While this is their typical use, some businesses take advantage of the solid structure and upgrade them further and use them as an exclusive way to deliver simple advertisements and letters.

Like our custom premium packaging, the envelopes can be customized with special embossed or hot foil print and various coatings such as lamination and matte.

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