Custom Paper Envelopes Producer in Bulgaria

Custom Paper Envelopes Producer in Bulgaria

If you are looking for Custom Paper Envelopes, Polycart can provide them for you. Depending on the specific need, there are different types of envelopes to choose from and customize to your liking.

Baronial Envelopes

They are a more formal version of the regular envelopes and are usually used for special occasions like invitations, announcements, and greeting cards. They can be purchased in different colors, sizes, and textures.

A-Style Envelopes

A style envelopes are a less formal type of mail used for announcements and “Thank you” cards

Square Envelopes

As the name suggests, the distinctive part is their shape, and they can be used for almost anything and printed in different sizes and colors.

Commercial Envelopes

Commercial envelopes focus on cost efficiency and are made in a way that can be machine inserted, which makes them the best choice for mass production for advertisements or mass announcements. They come in 3 types- square flap, policy flap, and DL international

Booklet Envelopes

Their signature is of course their size. They are used for catalogs, brochures, folders, and sales literature.

Catalog Envelopes

Also called an open-end envelope with a center seam, they are suitable for multiple documents and heavier materials.

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